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Adam Reid at The French Manchester

Recently we enjoyed an experience at Adam Reid at The French restaurant, which is homed in the elegant Manchester hotel, The Midland. Here we share with you the restaurants history and an account of our visit.

In January 1974 the restaurant was awarded one of Britain's first Michelin-stars, since then it has been a place that has been enjoyed by many, in 2013 The French re-launched to The French by Simon Rogan.

It was at this time that Manchester-born Adam Reid was head chef and the restaurant was recognised for many prestigious awards.

In November 2016 Simon Rogan ended his legacy after a successful three-year partnership and Adam Reid re-stablished the restaurant, becoming what it is today - Adam Reid at The French.

The restaurant is intimate and well presented giving a special, close experience for guests.

Adam Reid has developed a beautifully thought out traditional British menu, which strikes the perfect balance between feel good food and progressive cuisine, using familiar British dishes but with a twist Adam helps give guests a truly tasty British experience.

The modern take on the dishes produces a consistency of amazing flavours. Adam prides himself on using organic, hand-picked produce, and developing dishes with carefully-chosen suppliers from across the UK and you can tell, the chicken that we tried on the menu was far superior than any chicken elsewhere. The quality of the ingredients shines through in the taste of each plate, with serving sizes meaning that each guest leaves with a full belly and no room to complain.

The warmth of the friendly staff mirror the northern charm, whilst the elegance and grand decor highlight the glory of the restaurants reputation.

Overall our experience was one we won't be forgetting soon, and it was a pleasure to dine at Adam Reid at The French Manchester.

Visit The French here.

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