Giveaway ! Get the chance to win the prize !

Hi everyone, we have a great news for you! Together with company "Mise En Place Polska" we’reorganizing a contest, where you can win a chef’s knife roll bag from „Mise en Place Polska”!


„Hello! We are Mise En Place Poland! Our main goal is to create unique, elegant and functional products for years! We made them directly for You: chefs, bartenders and people, who appreciate high quality dedicated products. Craftmanship, quality, durability, elegance and unique - this is how we do it. 

We made hand crafted, unique leather accessories for chefs, bartenders. And products of daily use as well!”

What do you have to do to take part in the contest, and have a chance for this wonderful prize?

It's easy ! The contest takes place on our Facebook page, so you must be registered member of this platform, and you have to answer the question in the comment section in our contest post, which is: What is the most important gastronomy book for you? And describe your choice.

Answers will be counted from 18/08/2019 00:00 to 01/09/2019 23:59, then on 04/09/2019 around

21:00 the winner will be announced.

The full rules of the competition can be found in this post and our contest post on Facebook.


START FROM 18.08.2019


1. The organizer of the contest (later as the "Contest") is The Food Obsessions project.

2. The founder of the award is the „Mise En Place Polska” brand.

3. The administrator of personal data provided by Contest Participants is the Organizer.

4. These regulations (hereinafter the "Regulations") specify the terms of the Contest.

5. The contest is not created, administered, supported or sponsored by Facebook. Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.

6. The contest is run at (later as the "The Food Obsessions").

7. Supervision over the correctness and course of the Contest, is exercised by the Organizer's employees.


1. 1.Contest participants may only be persons over the age of 18 who are users and have an active account on; who have accepted these Regulations (later as the "Participant").

2. The participant declares that:

a. he has read the Regulations and voluntarily joins the Competition;

b. agrees and accepts the terms of the Regulations;

c. undertakes to comply with the provisions of the Regulations, including Facebook regulations;

d. agreed to the processing of personal data for purposes related to participation in the Competition;

e. is a registered User of the Facebook portal;

Employees and associates of the Organizer may not participate in the Competition.

§ 3. PRIZE

1. There is ONE PRIZE in the Contest - for the person selected in the manner indicated in §6.

2. Awards (later as the "Prize") in the Contest is a knife bag from the company "Mise en Place Polska".

3. Information about the Award will be included in the content of the Contest announcement published on Facebook, on The Food Obsessions profile.

4. The Winner is not entitled to exchange the Prize for cash or any other type of prize.


1. The contest is available in the form of a contest announcement later as the "contest post") on the Facebook social network on the Organiser's profile at

The contest runs from August 18, 2019 at 00:01 to September 1, 2019 23:59.


1. The Contest Participant's task is:

a. placing (in the form of a comment under the Contest Post) answers to the task presented in the content of the contest post on our profile on Facebook The Food Obsessions

2. Information about the contest will be available on Facebook at


1. Access to the Contest is free and requires registration on the Facebook social network.

2. The condition of participation in the Contest is the acceptance of the Regulations and the correct performance of all tasks described in § 5. Par. 1 of the Regulations.

3. The Organizer decides about awarding the prize by analyzing the correctness of the tasks described in § 5. Par. 1 of the Regulations by the Contest Participants

4. The Organizer will select 1 winner from the answers received.

5. The winner of the Contest will be notified of the prize and the terms of receiving the Prize via a private message sent on Facebook within 3 business days of the announcement of the winner.

6. Public information about the win will also be placed in the commentary to the contest post at

7. The condition for receiving the prize participant is to send within 48 hours of announcement of the results of the Contest on Fanpage - a private message with the following data:

a. name and surname

b. correspondence address

c. telephone number

d. email address

8. Failure to send the message referred to in point 3 or exceeding the allowable response time or sending incorrect data causes the participant to lose the right to the prize.

9. Prizes awarded in the Contest will be sent to participants up to 14 calendar days from the date the Organizer receives the information.

10. The prizes will be sent at the Organiser's expense by post or by courier to the address provided by the Participant.


1. The Organizer is not responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of the data of the Competition Participants, including the inability to transfer prizes, for reasons attributable to the Participant, in particular if he has not provided his real correspondence address or the data provided is incomplete or out of date.

2. The Organizer declares that it does not control or monitor the content posted by Participants in terms of reliability and veracity, subject to activities related to

with the removal of violations of the Regulations or generally applicable provisions.

3. The organizer reserves the right to exclude from participation in the Competition Participants whose activities are contrary to the law or the Regulations and Facebook regulations,

in particular participants who:

a) they post content that does not comply with applicable law or the Regulations available on Facebook (in particular containing offensive content, both in the text and graphic layer);

b) take actions using an account / profile created inconsistently

c) with Facebook rules;

d) take actions using third-party accounts / profiles that are not accepted by Facebook;

e) interfere in the mechanism of the Competition's operation;

f) create fictitious accounts / profiles on Facebook

4. The organizer is not responsible for any interference in the operation of ICT connections, servers, interfaces, browsers and the Facebook platform.

5. The organizer is not responsible for temporary or permanent blocking of a page or application from Facebook.


1. Personal data of Contest Participants will be processed by the Organizer only for the purpose of carrying out the activities necessary to properly conduct the Contest.

2. Personal data of Contest Participants will be stored by the Organizer only for the period necessary to conduct the Contest and issue prizes to distinguished Participants.

3. Participants have the right to inspect the data being processed and to correct and delete them. The data is provided on a voluntary basis, however, in order to participate in the Contest, registration on the Facebook social portal is required.

4. Upon deleting the data, the User loses the opportunity to participate in the Contest.


1. The Organizer has all intellectual property rights to the Contest. Participation in the Contest does not in any way result in the Participants acquiring any intellectual property rights. It is forbidden to infringe any intellectual property rights in the Contest in any way, in particular:

a) copying, modifying and transmitting electronically or otherwise distributing the Contest mechanism or part thereof, as well as individual works and databases, without the express written consent of the Administrator;

b) using the Contest in a manner inconsistent with the Regulations or generally applicable regulations.


1. The Regulations start on August 18, 2019 and are valid until September 1, 2019.

2. The organizer reserves the right to change the rules of the Contest during it’s duration. Information about the changes will be posted on

3. The Regulations of the Contest are available on the official website of the Organizer:

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