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Sophie - PR Executive

What’s your background?

I am passionate about communication and creativity, working in PR, content or copywriting, my freelance service can help you.

For the past nine I have worked in journalism developing new stories and features. Giving me heaps of valuable media insight and writing expertise.

Since graduating with a First-class Degree in Journalism News, Salford University, I have worked across the country as Press and Media officer for Parkinson’s UK and The Seashell Trust. I now currently freelancing and work with some wonderful clients - including The Food Obsessions!


What’s your role with The Food Obsessions?

My role is to build up the awareness of the brand through content on the website, the media and other opportunities. 

I believe that the project plays a vital role in encouraging people from across the UK to try fine dining - as it really is for everyone!

What fine dining experience is on your wish list to visit?

That’s a tricky question! I couldn’t just say one, as part of the project we are speaking to chefs from all over the UK and I’d really like to put a dish to the interview, so I’d have to start with visiting all of those restaurants first!

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