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Lukasz - CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

What inspired you to come up with The Food Obsessions?


I was always very passionate about food. As a kid I’ve always wanted to try and taste things that my mum was prepping. Exploring new textures and flavours was always my thing which finally pushed me into going to culinary school. 

I was very lucky that everyone I’ve worked with was very passionate about cooking. I was surrounded by Chefs, which helped me to grow in this profession.

Since working as a Chef my passion consistently grew and I started looking for gastronomy not only from the perspective of food and taste, but also to look at it as a whole concept. The food, atmosphere, service and the story behind it. I’ve always looked for perfection, so fine-dining  is something very close to my heart. I took a lot of inspiration from social media for creating my dishes and it was an amazing way to grow my knowledge.

Photography and social media is also a huge passion of mine, so I decided that it will be amazing to create a big community where I will be able to share my love of gastronomy and help Chefs to get inspirations and ideas to create their own dishes.

What’s your background?

As a teeneger I went to culinary college where I started my journey. I worked for a few years in hotels and restaurants in Poland, but I traveled to the UK to work there in the gastronomy industry for around 10 years. Right now my whole focus is on The Food Obsessions.

What fine dining experience is on your wish list to visit?

I would love to visit as many fine-dining restaurant is possible, but my three top restaurants which I want to visit in near future are:

1.Eleven Madison Park , New York USA ,  Chef - Daniel Humm

2.White Rabbit Moscow , Moscow Russia , Chef - Muhin Vladimir

3.Under , Båly Norway , Chef - Nicolai Ellitsgaard

What should people know about The Food Obsessions?

The main goal of The Food Obsessions project is to promote fine-dining and grow the interest for this concept. We want to show that fine-dining is for everyone and people should try this type of experience.

What do you want people to get from The Food Obsessions?

We want people to grow their interest for fine-dining and be able to get inspiration and knowledge from our project. We have a lot of plans and ideas We want to implement in the near future. We want to bring closer this concept to the people and share the story of Chefs, Sommeliers and all people which are very connected to this subject.

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