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About Us

The Food Obsessions is a community of food enthusiasts.

We are a brand who provides you with the highest quality of kitchen tools. We offer specially selected products for professional use. All our tools are dedicated to Chefs and focused on quality and style.


We also want to provide you with a platform which helps to popularise fine-dining events. 

Our objective is to help chefs and restaurants to get more interest in their events and projects.


We are giving you an opportunity to show your work, and your dedication to the art of food. We aim to create an easier way to search for fine dining events and help people discover amazing culinary journeys. We’ve created a site, which gathers the best works of some of the greatest and most talented photographers in the culinary business, to bring you a bit closer to the restaurants they visit and the passion they are sharing.


Fine-dining world is growing, and now it’s time for perfection, dedication and passion. 

Come and discover this beautiful world with us!


Łukasz Przeorek


(Chief Executive Officer)


Mateusz Strojny


(Chief Operations Officer)


Kamila Kasperowicz


Creative Director

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