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Mateusz - COO (Chief Operations Officer)

How did you get involved with The Food Obsessions?

Lukasz and I knew each other for a few years already one day he just asked me if I would like to help him with that project.... And here I am!


Get to know us

What’s your background?

I'm a baker and pastry chef, in that order.

After finishing school, like many other young guys, I wanted to travel, work, see the world,so I joined one of the biggest cruise lines in the World....what was I thinking!

What fine dining experience is on your wish list to visit?

If I could pick only one, I would choose something different than just fancy but still a ‘regular’ restaurant.

Under”in Norway is definitely not another boring place to dine, that restaurant perfectly fits my requirements for an amazing fine dining experience. The food is as fresh as can be, their location and view that they have is another level. Chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard is doing an amazing job there. So if i could choose only one, that would be ‘Under’.

What should people know about The Food Obsessions?

We’re professional chefs, we know what it’s all about. We’re choosing the best looking dishes, made by Chefs known around the world, and those known a bit less, but still sharing the same big passion for fine dining. The pictures we use are made by professional photographers. We’re doing the best we can, to keep the whole TFO family satisfied.

What do you want people to get from The Food Obsessions?

We want to show, in the most transparent way the beauty of fine dining.

No matter if it's an old time classic dish, or a modern plate made using the latest techniques. Fine dining is what keeps us all united.

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