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Top 3 Food Plating Tools

Everyone is talking about cooking. But what about food plating? It is an art that take time to master. Food plating is mostly down to a technique and practice but there are a few food plating tools that can help with those finishing touches. Very often it’s simplest, not expensive tools in the kitchen that chef’s like to use the most.

The Food Obsessions prepared a list of top 3 essential plating tools loved and cherished by chefs around the world.

1. Garnish tweezers

Take your food plating to the next level with the premium Garnish Tweezers. Designed for the hospitality industry for plate dressing, these tongs are perfect for use as chefs tweezers. These 8 inch (210mm) garnish tweezers aid you in placing delicate garnishes on plate. Ergonomically shaped with grooved finger grips on both sides of the tweezers to give very good grip when placing delicate items. The tips of this Garnish Tweezers are also grooved to help pick up any small item. Also suited for Cocktail Garnish. Whatever your use, the Food Obsessions Garnish Tweezers help you hone your presentations. These tool comes in three finishes: Gold, Black and Metallic Blue.

2. Offset Spatula

An Offset Spatula by The Food Obsessions has a long narrow flexible stainless steel blade with a rounded end and stainless steel handle. The long blade makes it easy to place an elements on the plate. Chefs hands can crush or mark a finished product. With a small offset spatula, you can pick up small elements from underneath and provide a safe transfer from one place to another without disrupting the sides or top. And even if you do get those small nicks on a soft surface like frosting or mousse, they can be eliminated by a gentle graze by the metal side. The Food Obsessions Offset spatula comes in classic Gold and Black version.

3. Rocher Spoons

Making a rocher, or one-handed quenelle, is a way to give a beautiful oval shape to an ice cream or even a pâte. Chefs are often taught to make a rocher with two spoons, and that can work well, but by design it creates a shape with three curving sides. By using our Rocher Spoons you are able to create a beautifully shaped oval in few simple moves! The food must be the consistency of butter at room temperature, so the rocher will form and hold its shape. The rocher spoon should be hot enough to release the rocher but not so hot that it melts the food. The Food Obsessions Rocher Spoons come in pairs, are made from stainless steel and are available in Gold, Black and Metallic Blue.

You can shop the whole range of the high quality professional chefs tools at The Food Obsessions website

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