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Fine dining is for everyone

It’s more than food, it’s an experience, that’s why fine dining is so special. With careful consideration being placed into each piece of equipment used in the kitchen, the sourcing of every single ingredient, the resources needed to create each restaurant's atmosphere and not forgetting the wine pairing menu. There’s not a single aspect of the experience that hasn’t been thoroughly thought about, each piece is a key component in igniting your senses so that you leave with a lasting memory.


Contrary to popular belief not all fine dining experiences require you to dress to the nines, many have a casual dress code, each is tailored to a different theme meaning that there is a restaurant out there for your specific desires. The focus of all being the uniqueness of the setting, the time spent by each chef creating interesting food textures, flavours and dishes, the high quality service provided, impressive wines, overall leaving you with a top of the range experience.

When you arrive at a fine dining restaurant you can expect to take your time, with a specially designed menu that consists of impressive dishes, complementing one another, the chefs working around the clock to impress you with different techniques, flavours, tastes and textures.

Time is rich in these experiences, where you can expect to sit and enjoy your booking, taking in the surroundings, the ambience and the theme of your location. A menu of proportioned dishes are served, with careful explanation from the staff as to why the ingredients have been chosen. You also can choose to complement your food with a hand selected wine pairing, each wine chosen to flatter the flavours of the food.

Whether you want a fine dining experience for a special occasion, or just to try something new, it’s an experience that everyone should indulge in at least once in their life, to taste the passion and dedication that the chef’s work towards in creating their specific dishes.

Here’s three Food Obsessions rated experiences in England you should try:

1) Where The Lights Get in, Manchester. Go here for a unique experience that focuses on providing best quality ingredients.

2) Launceston Place, London. Three words that sum up Launceston are: professional, creative, elegant

3) Six By Nico, Manchester. This is a great casual experience which is affordable for everyone.

The fine-dining world is growing, and now it’s time for perfection, dedication and passion. You can discover more about this beautiful world with us by following us on our journey of fine dining discovery on Instagram.

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